Number Memorization Sketches

I published a book of Number Memorization Sketches — essentially a how-to guide for remembering numbers more easily through visual imagery.


The “major system” (aka phonetic number system) is a mnemonic strategy that helps to memorize numbers, passwords, access codes, important dates, etc. in our daily lives, by associating numbers with images and stories that you can assemble together to tell imaginative stories that can be easily remembered and turned back into the original set of numbers you were trying to remember!

This book features 110 hand-drawn, completely original sketches that use the number memorization system to make it easy for any- one of any age to make it simple and fun to become a wizard at memorizing numbers, lists, orders of presidents, important dates, standardized test — pretty much anything!

Instructions and '0' (Ace) Numbers 36 and 27 Numbers 78 and 79