Gabriel Krieshok

New Tab Quotes


New Tab Quotes

A Google Chrome extension to display a random quotation instead of the default new tab.




Full-stack Development • Iteration • Testing • Data Storage • Data Cleaning • Back-end Development • Front-end Development • JSON • Mobile Development • HTML/CSS


Notepad + pen • Sublime • Sketch

Spaced Learning

Many people collect quotations and words of wisdom they come across.

For me, when I find one, I’ll either take a picture of it or jot it down on my phone or computer.

I built this project as a way to be reminded of these useful and interesting notes in a non-obtrusive way that would be presented in the periphery of attention (when opening a new tab, i.e. when your attention is temporarily floating.), thus taking advantage of spaced learning approaches.

Ideas and feedback welcome on Github.

Keep it simple and iterate

I experimented with creating an app—but it seemed like overkill. I wasn’t ever going to click on it.

I experimented with creating an email reminder of one random quote 1/day—but that was going to clog up email and that left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I experimented with creating a bot that would SMS me every morning—but I do that now with weather, and I feel like it wouldn’t hit me with the right level of attention—I would just find it distracting.


I preferred something as simple as possible and that blended into the background.

I wrote custom CSS that relied on the soft-gray of the Chrome background, and used a contrasting gray for the text color. I centered everything and played with character encodings to ensure that the quotes I used would render properly.

If you want to download it out yourself, just head over to the Chrome Store and add it to your browser – and don’t forget to rate me or leave comments!

If you want to see it live without downloading a Chrome Extension, just head on over to the project page on Github for the same functionality.