Gabriel Krieshok

ICT4D Guide


ICT4D Guide

A digital development guide to help field staff in 'information and communication technologies for development' (ICT4D) projects around the world.




Writer • Editor • Community Lead



Layout • Open Source • Digital Development • ICT4D • Front-end Development • Promotion


Notepad + pen • Sketch • Illustrator • Sublime • Markdown • Gitbook • Github


I started the ICT4D guide as a way to both share practices and resources that I've curated in my years of working as a digital development professional, but also to help me explore new paths and gaps in my knowledge with others working in the space.

By working collaboratively to build a simple, straightforward resource that doesn't try to rebuild the wheel but simply points to good examples where that can be done, everybody working in digital development today benefits.

Responsive and Accessible

In order to keep things as simple and future-proof as possible, I rely on a workflow that focuses on content and copy, primarily through the use of Markdown formatting.

Combing markdown files with Github's version control, and the automatic output options (html, pdf, epub, and mobi versions) of Gitbook make writing, editing, updating, and collaborating a breeze, even for folks who are daunted by other popular content management systems.

Plus, this format allows for the greatest accessibility of the content, as international field staff often do not have consistent Internet connectivity -- thus they can now rely on the latest versions of the ICT4D Guide in whatever format works for them -- on their computer, their phone, tablet, or e-reader!