Gabriel Krieshok




A book that is a collection of constructs, concepts, mental models, lifehacks, and random nuggets of wisdom—all told through infographics, simple designs, and aphorisms.




Writer • Innovator • Researcher


Vector Design • Infographics • Layout • Audio Recording (podcast)


Notepad + pen • Sketch • Illustrator • Photoshop • Concept App • InDesign


The principle inspiration for this project arose from the value of the Major Memorization schema.

This is a way of associating images and ideas to numbers themselves so that when attempting to store/recall a string of numbers, it is easier to simply remember the images and ideas in context than trying to recall the string by rote memorization.

The first step was to design images corresponding to numbers 0-100 in a systematic way. I spent time drafting and illustrating over 130 designs to be used for these images—to be made available as flash cards as well as an infographic.

My hand-drawn sketches of the numbers. Each digit is associated with a sound, to make recall/storage even more systematic. '6' is the 'CH' sound, while '0' is the 'S' sound—so '60' combines to form 'CH'+'S': or 'CHEESE' (vowels don't matter here).


I am in the process of setting up a blog and podcast for Constructs to focus on the production of the book and contents in a more interactive way.

Stay tuned.