Gabriel Krieshok



About Me


I'm a builder that is most at home when solving puzzles. I see and think of the world in systems, and I do what I can to see a challenge from all sides and with all the pieces in their context in order to create a solution. This applies to solving Rubik’s cubes, teaching technologies, building mobile apps, or designing a new product.

I believe in building things that add value to people’s lives. In order to build things correctly, it requires listening to people, learning to speak the language around me, and adapting myself and what I know in order to help solve seen and unseen challenges. This approach is what led me away from traditional desk jobs and into classrooms, fieldwork, and off-the-grid locations around the world, from my home in Kansas to a small village in France, and to the island of Madagascar for two years with the Peace Corps.

These experiences have allowed me to hone my skills in design, communication, process, and innovation. My day job has me working with over 65 Peace Corps country offices around the world, counseling and coaching on the various ways to integrate technology and innovation into their projects, and it's been a launching pad for refining not only my personal portfolio of what works and what doesn't—but also how to instill resilience and creative problem-solving. I've recently launched my own start-up, and I'm building a global community of folks working in technology and innovation for social good.

If you're someone who's passionate about solving problems and focused on getting work done — reach out to me and we can build something together.


  • Peace Corps

  • TechChange

  • WeLens

  • World Bank


  • Department of State

  • Department of Transportation

  • New America Foundation

  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

  • Ford Foundation

  • University of Michigan - School of Information

  • University of Michigan - Office of the President



Design Illustrator • InDesign • Sketch • Fusion360
Data Python • R • D3 • Stata • SQL
Development HTML • CSS • Front-end frameworks • Jekyll • JavaScript


User Research Contextual Inquiry • Interviewing • Focus Groups • Personas • Usability
Prototyping Rapid Prototyping • Agile Development • Design Thinking • Service Delivery
Management Project Management • Product Management • Communications • Fun


Fluent French
Conversational Malagasy (Madagascar)
Beginner Spanish • Italian


Master of Science in Information University of Michigan School of Information
Master of Public Policy University of Michigan Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
Bachelor of Arts University of Kansas College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

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